About Us


Bohame is a Delhi based fashion brand that offers a diverse range of men's and women's wear. The collection caters for free spirited individuals who have modernity sensibilities not only in fashion but also in thought. Our garments are handwoven and made from natural fibres such as organic cotton, linen or Khadi in a bit to maintain quality and to demonstrate our commitment to sustainable fashion. Our design repertoire is based on breathable fluid silhouettes with many garments adorning exaggerated sleeves and fabric embellishments  to give each piece a bohemian feel. Our collection is eclectic in thought drawing inspiration from such art forms as yoga and capoeira. 


Vijesh Singhal is the founder of Bohame. He has finished his studies in 2012 from NIFT Banaglore. After that he has worked in an e-commerce company for 1 year. Then for few year he was exploring different options. He has worked in various creative fields from branding to modelling before embarking on his journey with Bohame, a position he notes as the only time he has been able to fuel his creative passions uninhibited.

Vijesh is a true believer that fashion can be used as a tool to highlight and celebrate the fact that all individuals are diverse, multifaceted and equal, enabling individuals to embrace their creative true selves unconstrained by outdated social values.